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The FIM was established in 1993 as snc to the work of three members, and was later transformed into a limited partnership in 1998 following the release by the company of one of them.
The first place of business was in Carife, in the province of Avellino, following in 2006 was made the "leap", building in Castel Baronia, also in the province of Avellino, a two-story building, which opened at the end of year.
The FIM is a commercial medium-sized performing wholesale and retail.
The range includes products ranging from small all'autoattrezzatura of all kinds, chemicals, electrical products, electrical and manual tools, compressors, welding machines, lifts, ovens etc. body.
The company covers an area of ​​1,300 square meters in a building of two floors, as well as ample parking: namely 100 square meters are dedicated to offices, 300 square meters exhibition and the remaining 900 square meters warehouse and storage.
Currently in the company they work seven people, we have equity for home delivery of the goods.
Our area of ​​expertise is Avellino province, and Benevento province and part of the province of Foggia.
We try to present to our customers, with practical demonstrations, all the various new products of various companies; This is why we organize in our office refresher courses with an engineer specialized for using the most advanced components.
From the start of our business we deal USAG tools.
The partnership with USAG provides marketing initiatives and training of various kinds. Several times a year in fact a technical USAG visit, together with us, our customers for practical demonstrations of tools.
Seriousness and professionalism in customer service are our hallmark.
di Fabiano Silvana Teresa & C.
C.da Piani Area PIP
83040 Castel Baronia (AV)
Tel. +39 0827 92043
Fax. +39 0827 929702